In many cases, the CHP is a no-alternative opportunity to ensure uninterrupted production of electricity and heat. The technology used in the modern mini-CHP suggests variability in performance and selection of raw materials. To determine the best option in each case, careful comparison of energy demands and resource capabilities is required.

After careful consideration of all the features of your plant energy system, WKE experts put together competent conclusions regarding the necessity of building a mini-CHP, determine its parameters and its optimum configuration.

As part of project implementation, WKE engineers will prepare a feasibility study, design, provide selection, delivery and commissioning of the equipment.

We offer the following solutions for the construction of a mini-CHP running:

- on natural gas

- on biogas

- on associated petroleum gas

Depending on the wishes and requirements of the customer, we are willing to carry the work out both on complex construction of the energy centers as well as on supply and installation of mini-CHPs of the container type.