Today CIS Countries is one of the leading destinations for global financial investment. Every year hundreds of the world's major companies begin their penetration of the CIS Countries market. As part of a huge number of projects, modernization of production facilities and optimization of industrial infrastructures are being carried out.

In general, work in CIS Countries is connected with overcoming severe natural conditions, the subtleties of legislation and the presence of non-standard requirements for future installations.

To work effectively in CIS Countries, the WKE has created a subsidiary company, Westkraft Energy, that performs the full range of work on modernization of existing and construction of new power systems.

Westkraft Energy works as a network structure, using modern European governance methods and the highest demands on the quality of the services provided.

Due to its knowledge of the CIS Countries energy market, Westkraft Energy is a reliable and predictable partner for CIS Countries and international companies in CIS Countries.